Francisco Gomez.

Francis Lecquian, born in 1976 in the mineral town of Coya in Chile, is a versatile musician deeply rooted in classic rock, hard rock, and glam of the 80's. His musical journey began with Guns n' Roses covers in high school in Punta Arenas, leading to the formation of his solo band ``Lecquian`` in 2004.

As a prominent figure in Rancagua's music scene, Francis gained recognition for producing shows with unique concepts like ``Uniendo tribus`` and the ``Rockers`` festivals. His influence extended beyond rock, as he hosted the television program ``Rockadictos,`` supporting emerging underground bands. With time the program evolve as ``Rockerazos`` and after moving to Norway, he continued the program online, featuring interviews with international metal artists.

With a rich history in various bands, including Hidden-Truth, Apocalipsia, Black Mouton, Dama Negra, Fuel Metal Jacket, Trainyells, Xkizofrenia, Somewhere Beyond, Los Helvetes CTM and Viking Queen, Francis became a respected vocalist and guitarist. He achieved success with his band Lecquian, releasing the EP ``Promocional`` in 2005 and the LP ``Rockerazo`` in 2007.

Throughout his career, Francis faced challenges, including a journey to Norway, performances in Europe and Central America meanwhile he continue with his programs as Host for FM Radio Latin-Amerika in Oslo. Despite setbacks, he released notable singles like ``Una verdad en armonía``, ``Volviendo a nacer`` and ``Power Rock.``

In 2022, Francis joined Viking Queen as the vocalist, contributing to the album ``Hail to the king`` and achieving international recognition, including a performance at the IIMF International Festival in Kerala, India.


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Jonathan Hamre

Jonathan Hamre, the accomplished drummer for Viking Queen, Bolzö, and Oskaal, hails from an island just outside of Bergen. His musical journey was ignited at an early age, thanks to familial influences that motivated him to take up the drumsticks. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of sources, it's evident that Jonathan's musical palette is rich and varied.

Among the myriad influences that have contributed to his unique style, 80s and 90s thrash metal, particularly bands like Metallica and Pantera, hold a significant place. The aggressive and dynamic drumming styles characteristic of these iconic metal bands have left an indelible mark on Jonathan's musical identity. Through dedicated practice and a passion for the craft, he has honed his skills, emerging as a formidable force behind the drum kit.

Jonathan's drumming prowess is not only a reflection of his technical proficiency but also a testament to the eclectic mix of genres that have shaped his musical sensibilities. His contributions to Viking Queen, Bolzö, and Oskaal showcase a drummer who seamlessly navigates through various sonic landscapes, adding depth and intensity to the bands' performances.

As Jonathan continues to evolve as a drummer, his commitment to pushing musical boundaries and exploring new horizons remains evident. With roots deeply embedded in the rich musical heritage of Bergen, he stands as a testament to the power of familial inspiration and the transformative influence of diverse musical genres.


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